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a clear specifications of the project.

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If you have
a rough idea of the new project.

Ing. Lukas Rezanina

+421 905 181 359 lukas@iooutsourcing.com

We will prepare the specifcation and sketch of your business idea and contact premium partners to find out the estimated project costs.


Project specification is free of charge.

Hiring PDF presentation

Presentation for hiring teams where you can find all details about our company, vision, case studies and step by step guide how to start a new partnership. 

Process of finding your next development partner

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Share your project requirements

Filling the form is easy and takes only a few minutes. Our team is here to help you. Provide us details about the services you're looking for such as desired budget and project timeline. Let us know what kind of full-stack team or a dev agency you're looking for, and one of our technology consultants will reach out to schedule an introductory call. After processing your specification we can start looking for a perfect partner for your next project.
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We look for the perfect match

We assess all requests to ensure that all assignments are relevant and realistic. After request is made available for the network partners to submit their candidates. We contact almost one hundred software companies and ask for their interest. You can expect report with CVs up to 10 interested partners.
  • You will get Report on 7th day after sending Specification form.
  • Your feedback is expecting on 10th day. You have a three working days.
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    Get matched

We identify best-fits

We anonymize your project brief and send it to companies who meet your requirements. Available service providers notify us of their interest in your project. These service providers are our premium partners, who have been verified and vetted by our team. As easy as it sounds, screening is over in 1 week. Partners will submit their proposals. You will choose your best-fits from the report and schedule initiates dialogues with the most appealing partners.
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    Contract between buyer and partner

Winner selected

After assessing different partners and conducting necessary conversations the buyer choses the one that gets the assignment. In addition to the requirements and priorities, we discuss the maximum specification of the project specification, as well as the requirements for individual cases, deadlines and other provisions.

Types of contract

  • Time & Material contract
  • Fixed price contract
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Payment from the buyer to partner

After successful delivery of the work partner applies standard invoicing methods, invoicing from a secure local legal entity via standard payment solutions: no currency conversion, no transfer fees, no bank info needed.
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    Comission for IO Outsourcing

Payment from partner to IO Outsourcing

Buyers do not have to worry about commission for IO Outsourcing, as this is included in the total price of the project. This simplifies the process of selecting and signing a receipt as much as possible, as buyers do not have to worry about this process. Commission from Partner to IO Outsourcing is from 5 to 10 percent.