Open source E-shop for "printer cartridges"

Estimated budget: 4000 € - 5500 €


Responsive e-shop for 1500 products


Based on Open source solution or own develoeped e-shop


Personalized template design


Intelligent product search

3rd party services

Heureka API, Premiere API


Ready for future optimization - SEO, PPC, Social marketing, Language mutations, Multiple currencies


The e-shop for our client is to be ready for 1500 products in the field of printer cartridges. The inspiration is the Gigaprint website and he would like to imitate the Miroluk website in terms of design. An important element in the e-shop is the central search, which will be able to search intuitively even after a grammatical or didactic error of the user. Quality filters and suitable categories are a matter of course in the e-shop.

Financial and warehousing services are provided by the Premier economic information system, where maximum cooperation is required with Premier API in SQL. The client is interested in the possibility of connecting to portals such as Heuréka, or preparation for the cooperation of the system with social services Facebook, Google, Seznam and the like.

Design can use a modified template for our client. The whole system can be programmed from scratch or it can use a pre-prepared solution such as Magento, or its pre-prepared solution for the e-shop.

Functional inspiration

Design inspiration

Project specification by our client

When do you need a project to launch?

2 months

Which platform will the app be built on?

Open source platform / Custom develoeped e-shop

What would your UI theme be?

Template UI

How many approximate screens will your app have?

More than 1500 products

Credentials requirement when checking out from the cart?

Both "Email ID and Password" & "No-Sign Up Required"

How do you wish to secure your app?

Security Not Important

Which 3rd party services do you need to integrate with?

eCommerce services - Invoices, Product price comparator, Stocks

Which administration features do you need?

Content Managment & Reporting and Analytics

Where do you want to save your application data?

A new database

Which other features will you have in your app?

Data Integration & Shopping Cart Search & Rating & Reviews & Transactional Emails

For more details about specification

Ing. Lukas Rezanina

+421 905 181 359