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Custom solution

Responsive web application for every day health care processes


New solution


Personalized, functional and clean design


SQL technology


Admin and employee access


Archive of diaries, Calendar, Uploading files


Project specification by our client

When do you need a project to launch?

3 months

Which platform will the app be built on?

Web app

What would your UI theme be?

Stock or Template UI

How many approximate screens will your app have?

7 - 15 screens

Credentials requirement when checking out from the cart?

Email ID and Password

How do you wish to secure your app?

Security Not Important

Which 3rd party services do you need to integrate with?


Which administration features do you need?

User Management, Content Management, Reporting and Analytics, Notification Control

Where do you want to save your application data?

A new database

Which other features will you have in your app?

File uploading Transactional Emails Calendaring & Bookings Other


The application is for a private health care client that needs to digitalize everyday processes. Currently, they are doing everything manually by writing things on paper and our client would like to update this process with the help of the technology. Web app with a very simple login page is preferred. 

We have 2 different account access:

A. Nurses

-Home page - What has to be done for a day. List of diaries that has to be done. Mostly just 2 documents have to be done every day. 
-Diary (Open as JPG) - Every day a diary (now just on the paper) has to be written. Simple Excel sheet will be transformed into a web form. --Diaries from last days will be easily editable for all users. Each change in the database of the diaries will be in the archive. 
-Attendance at work - one dedicated nurse is responsible for selecting times of arrivals and leaves for employees. 
-Technical documentation - All tools need to be reviewed and documents signed with employees. Documents for each machine or tool needs to be uploaded on the system and archived.
-Problem report - Different problems need to be archived and alarmed to the admins. 
-To do list protocol for the afternoon shift (Open as JPG) - After daily service, the nurse gives DZ and at the same time gives the handover protocol to the next nurse. It says what my sister will do to me in the afternoon change. So one sister has to do DZ in the morning. Lists the PP for the next sister. And she just has to do a PP that day.

B. Admin
-Create and delete employees access.
-Get Problem reports via email.
-All-access to different archives (diaries, attendance, technical documentation)
-Ambulances administration - Create and delete ambulances. Give access for 1 nurse for each day.
-Design can use a modified template for our client. We focus on a clean design that is functional for computers and also mobile phones. The database will be on SQL database. 

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